Abide: 21 Day Challenge

Let’s get real…a large percentage of us say we believe in God. We want to know that there is a force larger than us that has everything under control. A higher power that is all-knowing and all-seeing and who gives unconditional love. But how much time do we actual devote to building a relationship with God? How many times do we allow our schedules to become interrupted in order to seek His will? How do we move something from the “I should do that” category to the “I do that” category? I don’t have all the answers but I do know that habit has so much to do with how we spend our time. So, I challenge you to spend the next 21 days getting to know your Creator. Use the FREE printable below to help focus your attention on the One who loves you most. Print 21 of these bad boys and plan on dedicating at least 20-30 minutes reading The Word, praying and journaling. Please let me know if you finish this challenge! I have a gift for you…but you probably won’t even want it because living life WITH God is the best gift of all 😉

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