What I Do When There Is Only One Week Left Until Christmas…

I’m not a procrastinator by nature but for some reason I win the title of “The World’s Worst Last Minute Shopper.” That’s right…I’m totally the girl rolling into the parking lot of the party stuffing bags with tissue paper and passing greeting cards and pens around the backseat to get everyone’s autograph like it’s the CMA Music Fest. So, if you are anything like me you might currently be scrambling for some gift ideas. Look. No. Further. I’ve got your back.

Need some neighbor gifts? √

Need some teacher gifts? √

Need some kids’ party gifts? √

Need some book club/Bible study/ life group gifts? √

In all fairness I need to give Pinterest some props because I only tweaked some wording and created new graphics. The true inspiration came from some other like-minded individual trudging through the holiday haze that is Christmas time.

Below you will find printable gift tags for soap/hand soap, chapstick, and (drum roll………………everybody wait for it…………………) SCRUNCHIES! (Insert face palm here–I NEVER saw these making a comeback.) All you need to do is print, cut and tie or tape on your small token of love and appreciation. I uploaded these to OfficeDepot.com and had them printed on cardstock to make the tags more durable.

Need the process to be even easier? I bought these scrunchies and this package of chapstick. Amazon Prime those bad boys and they could be here by the weekend.

What about the soap you might ask? If you don’t already have a favorite bath and body store then I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Buff City Soap. My favorites include their bestseller Narcissist, the crowd-pleaser Magnolia and the citrus-scented goodness that is Good Morning Sunshine.

Hope this helps simplify the tasks left to do on your holiday list! I pray we all remember that Jesus and God’s love are the best gifts we can ever receive and that we do the self-sacrificing, ever-refining job of giving away grace, forgiveness, joy and friendship to those around us. Merry Christmas!

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